We are currently preparing our manicure and pedicure services for you.

Classic Pedicure

After a softening bath followed by exfoliation, we will take care of the dead skin, cut, trim and shape your toenails as well as tend the cuticles. This treatment also involves hydrating and a relaxing foot massage. If desired, polishing your toenails is possible on request.

Available at: Praha


Shellac, (half polish-half gel) is applied on your natural nails cured through UV lighting. Shellac adds strength and durability to your nails while still remaining looking natural. It usually lasts up to 2 weeks. Removing shellac requires a quick and simple technique only using special tampons – you can easily remove shellac by yourself.

Available at: Praha


A gel manicure uses gel-based polish which is applied onto your nails. It is cured through UV lighting. They are hard and durable and last up to 2 weeks. With the use of a special gel tip, we can extend your nails to the desired length.

Available at: Praha


Acrylic is applied onto the nails after cleaning, soaking and filing your natural nails. With the help of a special brush, we extend your nails to the desired length. Acrylic hardens on its own. For Acrylic modeling, it is necessary to go for a nail treatment every 2-3 weeks.

Available at: Praha

Nail Art/Decorations

You can select from our wide range of nail decorations such as glitter, rhinestones as well as hand-painted techniques that can be added to your desired design.

Available at: Praha