Visit us at our beautiful studio in Štětí to receive the treatment that suits your special needs. Come and relax with us after a busy day and let yourself be pampered by our qualified therapists. We use bio-natural high-quality oils and cosmetics for all treatments.

Price List

Thai Massages
Traditional Thai Massage 50min 690 CZK
Traditional Thai Massage 60min 750 CZK
Thai Aromatherapy Massage 50min 650 CZK
Thai Aromatherapy Massage 60min 750 CZK
Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage 30min 450 CZK
Reflexology – Thai Foot Massage 30min 450 CZK
Oriental Massages
Herbal Therapy Massage 60min 850 CZK
Hot Stone Therapy Massage 60min 850 CZK
Classic Massages
Sports Massage 60min 790 CZK
Facial Treatments
Thai Face Massage 30min 390 CZK